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The Halo Complex™


Dr. Nona’s exclusive Halo Complex™ formula allows us to harness the life force of the Dead Sea for you, for the first time in history. At the core of the formula is the Archaebacteria, the world’s oldest life form and the only organism that can survive in the Dead Sea’s extreme conditions. The Archaebacteria’s unique composition endows it with an extraordinary life force that produces a powerful antioxidant and an inexhaustible supply of protein and amino fluids.

Using this exclusive formula, we have been able to extract the Archaebacteria’s rare attributes and produce a new generation of Dead Sea products. The combination of the Archaebacteria’s amazing properties and the medicinal attributes of the Dead Sea’s unique minerals have made Dr. Nona’s products unprecedentedly effective. Our different products slow the aging process of your skin, protect it from the harm caused by the environment, provide you with a fresh young look, and leave you with a gentle relaxed feeling.

Today, Dr. Nona’s catalog includes more than 50 Halo Complex™  based products that provide your skin with complete solutions for any problem. Our active creams and food supplements allow you to easily integrate the life force from the Dead Sea in your own daily routine.


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